Our business is built around working closely with our clients running business critical applications on IBM or Windows servers. We are finding that many have reached the stage where they want to outsource some or all day-to-day management activities such as regular system checks. This can also be deployed short term to cover shifts or holiday cover.

Recarta’s technical consultants can monitor 24 x 7 pro-actively with the use of monitoring tools, to ensure that your critical environments are stable, and that there are no surprises in store. Our large team of technical specialists will be available to you from basic operating system and server support to complex High Availability, Storage and Middle-Ware analysis.

As part of our “Take-on” Recarta will remotely access your system to ensure that good practice has been adopted in the systems and operating system set-up. Recommendations will be made in a short report – with any urgent fixes being highlighted prior to our service beginning.

Once the routines are in place, we will ensure that our monitoring software is installed to ensure that your systems are being monitored 24 x 7 for peace of mind along with regular physical checks. We can monitor servers, storage, the operating system and backups. Our monitoring tools also offer the capability of monitoring many different application – and these application alerts can be forwarded to your IT Team or Service Desk.

Simple corrections will be reported and corrected by Recarta but more significant issues will be reported with recommendations for resolution to your team – or we take on responsibility for these under our fully managed contracts.