• Tape Solutions
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Monitoring your HA & DR Solution
  • Recarta Hosted Target Systems for HA & DR

Recarta has a great deal of experience in providing skills and assistance around High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

When looking at simple daily back-up solutions we have skills around IBM Tape Technology and BRMS, through to Virtual Tape solutions such as Evault and Data Domain.

Most IBM Power systems will be running mission critical applications and a simple daily tape back-up risking 24 hours of data is not sufficient. For many clients we provide consultancy on one way and two way replication solutions – either using the clients target system or providing a partition or dedicated server from a Tier 3 Datacentre. Recarta has experience of installing, monitoring and managing a range of solutions including Power HA, Mimix, iTera, Quick-EDD and Maxava.

Justifying the cost of an additional server and the additional care that a High Availability application requires, means that a Hosted HA service is an ideal solution for most companies.

Recarta provides Hosted HA and Disaster Recovery using either a dedicated server or by using an HA cloud – where you can use the shared resources of hardware, software and skills.

Recarta’s Hosted HA Solutions include:

  • Fully managed target iSeries server or LPAR
  • Back-ups managed on the target machine
  • Supply and management of Power HA, Maxava, Mimix & iTera for IBM i
  • Supply and management of Double-Take for Intel and Linux
  • Power HA for IBM p and AIX
  • Full management of network to the Datacentre
  • Daily monitoring of replication
  • Weekly reporting

We also provide a “belt a braces” Disaster Recovery solution to many clients – with standby IBM Power Server availability from one of our Datacentres. With network connections already agreed with you, we will accept your back-up tapes and have your business up and running from a Tier 3 Datacentre.

Call us now to find out how you can improve the resilience of your application and ensure that your data and business can function in a 24 x 7 world