IBM Power System as a Service
Recarta have developed a number of solutions for hosting IBM Power. Whether you are looking for a partition for test and development, a dedicated server for a short-term project or hosting your application on a dedicated or shared production environment our hosted IBM Power Systems service could provide a more secure and cost effective answer.

Our hosted IBM Power infrastructure enables our clients to host their applications from a Tier 3 data center. We host a range of legacy hardware and operating systems in a secure and resilient environment.

Recarta Power Cloud Service Includes

Supply & Hosting of IBM Power i or Power p Servers

Full High Availability using a second Datacentre

Monitoring of all hardware and operating systems

Remote back-up and full disaster recovery

Recarta Power Cloud - Simple, cost effective, secure and all under a single SLA and contract.
"Our hosted environments are backed-up on a weekly basis - removing the requirement for you to have tape drives and tape storage costs on your production system"
Our personalised approach

Choose your environment

  • What version of operating system do you require?

  • What performance is required (CPW, rPerf)?

  • How much memory is required?

  • How much disc space is required?

  • What middleware programs are required?

Choose your service

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Choose your connectivity

  • Managed Client MPLS

  • Encrypted Internet VPN Tunnels

Total Support Assurance

Remote system monitoring

24/7 help desk

High availability for business critical applications

Cost effective partitions for development, testing, DR or production

Hosting and Co-location of IBM Power Servers
The trend towards hosting and managed services alongside the reduction of in-house AIX and i/OS skills - seem to have left many companies with a painful dilemma. How can I support my IBM Power Servers?

Recarta works with many organisations in this position. Our group of IBM Power Experts provide can provide on-going support and advice from either of our Tier 3 datacentres.

From legacy AS/400 and RS/6000 systems to recent Power Servers running a wide range of operating system levels, Recarta Hosting and co-location services will ensure that your IBM infrastructure estate is in a secure, resilient, best practice-based environment.

Our Experts can also help in all areas of Server Monitoring and management; including tape back-up, disc to disc back-up and patching and fault resolution.

High Availability for IBM iSeries
Many businesses have become totally reliant on the applications running on their IBM Power i Systems especially ERP on System i. With the addition of online ordering, downtime has to be minimal to ensure business continuity.

Many organisations that run on IBMiSeries cannot justify the costs of a back-up datacentre or the cost of an additional IBM iSeries server. They certainly do not need the additional burden of monitoring and managing a High Availability application.

Maxava is one of the leading providers of HA solutions for IBM iSeries and in conjunction with Recarta can provide a tailored solution for most organisations.. By using HA cloud, you can use the shared resources of hardware, software and skills without high investment costs.

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