IBM Power and Storage Solutions

  • IBM AS400, System i, IBM i
  • IBM RS6000, System p, IBM p
  • Power Linux
  • Upgrades
  • IBM Pre Owned
  • Legacy Systems

Recarta has been scoping, providing, installing IBM Power Servers since 2005. Recarta are one of the largest providers of new IBM Power and Storage Solutions to the UK and Channel Islands. Recarta are one of a few Business Partners to carry the prestigious IBM Power Speciality Partner and Premier Business Partner status.

Many of our clients still want/require their systems to be on their premises, but need to ensure that these systems grow with the business and that the operating system and hardware remain supported by IBM. This requires having a plan in place for OS upgrades and hardware upgrades as the business requires more processing power, disk space or improved back up strategy.

Any new or upgrade solution should embrace the latest technology, reduce risk, lower cost and provide the business with an enterprise level infrastructure to drive the business forwards. This is at the core of every upgrade and new solution we provide incorporating virtualisation across the server and storage layers. Our technical consultants are passionate about providing innovative solutions and the skills required to ensure your project is on time, on budget and with minimum disruption.

New Workloads and Power Linux

Our technical consultants can assist with ensuring that you are making te most out of your systems – exploring whether you can save the expense of Intel servers and move workloads to the IBM Power systems. The move to Power Linux has become much easier with the Open Power Foundation and we are seeing many clients move workloads onto Enterprise DB, Mongo DB to save costs associated with other Vendors.

IBM Labs and Migrations

Many clients have upgraded to the latest IBM POWER7, POWER7+ and POWER9 Servers which will run the most recently released IBM Operating systems. As part of any upgrade we can supply test partitions on site or from one of our hosted machines – or can provide access to IBM testing facilities in the UK and Europe.

Legacy Systems and Upgrades

Many IBM Power users will be on older level systems (POWER5 & POWER6) for a number of reasons – and our goal is to ensure that these systems remain stable, supported and business ready. We have access to spares, support and upgrades to the oldest systems – either from IBM Pre-Owned Certified Channels through or the Refurbished brokerage marketplace.