Recarta IT and Red Hat have a very strong partnership, we have been working together to help a business meet its IT needs. Red Hat is the world’s most trusted Linux provider to the enterprise and is available as open source technology. Open source code can be seen and learnt from, returning control to the customer which provides better quality and innovative software. Recarta IT has a team of specialists here to provide you with support and consultancy to maximise your IT environment.

Benefits of Red Hat

  • Auditablility as customers and industry can verify adherence to standards, quality and flexibility
  • Reduces costs across hardware, system administration and license management
  • Improved security through openness od code and faster threat response

Red Hat provides open source software to the enterprise community. Red Hat’s open source approach offers customers a long-term plan for constructing IT infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with a focus on security and ease of management. Red Hat is able to do with their growing portfolio from operating system platforms, middleware, applications, management products, and support, training, and consulting services.

Red Hat’s software solutions, consisting of Red Hat enterprise technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization are at the centre of our subscription strategy and our open source architecture.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports you to get more of everything you expect from an enterprise-class open source operating system with flexibility, efficiency, and control. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a great solution for a broad range of hardware architectures, hypervisors, and clouds.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is a complete hypervisor and management solution for server and desktop virtualisation. It is the first enterprise-ready, fully open source virtualisation platform. Great Performance and scalability, advanced Security, Enterprise features, Business agility and continuity enhanced by noticeable cost advantages.

Red Hat Network Satellite

Red Hat Network Satellite is a systems management platform designed to be deployed on a server a customer’s data centre. Red Hat Network Satellite provides patch management, provisioning, configuration management, and monitoring.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Red Hat JBoss Middleware allows you to cost-effectively develop, deploy, and manage applications. JBoss allows a business to update its business processes faster and more efficiently, as well as, integrate more services and data on-premise or in the cloud.

Red Hat Training

Red Hat Training allows you as well as your IT staff to get certified. Recarta IT can provide the official Red Hat Training courses and certifications that are hands-on and task focused.