Next Generation Infrastructure from Lenovo

A lot has happened since Lenovo entered the IT Infrastructure market place over 30 years ago. The acquisition of IBM System X, Flex system, Blade Center, X6 and Nextscale cemented their position as an authority in both on premise and data centre environments.

The following products now come under the Lenovo banner:

  • System x racks and towers,
  • x86 BladeCenter and
  • x86 Flex System
  • blade servers and integrated systems, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors
  • associated software
  • Hardware support.

The arrival of the umbrella brand of ‘ThinkSystems’ aggregated Server, Storage and Networking solutions under a single offering which made market leading messages around performance, flexibility & reliability.


Herald the introduction of the software defined world, where legacy complexity is being replaced with greater control and agility. The umbrella brand ‘ThinkAgile’ is still young but promises to combine the virtues of Lenovo’s converged storage and server efficiency. ‘ThinkAgile’ represents Lenovo’s vision and purpose for their entire portfolio of rack and tower and high end server collection.



How can Recarta help

Recarta is both a Lenovo Gold partner and an IBM Platinum Partner. This unique position gives Recarta deep skills around IBM Architecture for IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage and of course IBM System x (now Lenovo System x!). As the Lenovo product portfolio continues to expand and take on the might of Intel, Recarta continue to guide it’s clients through the complexities of options available.

If you are responsible for managing or have inherited a legacy Lenovo product we have the ability and experience to reduce your on-going support and maintenance costs. Additionally we are able to provide impartial architecture views to ensure you are aware of all your options.

If you are looking to update your Server, Storage or Networking capacity  and would like to better understand your system and hardware options, contact us today.