AIX Roadmap Workshop
Ensure your AIX OS is optimised, compliant and running securely. Our AIX consultants will help you identify a long term road map to ensure your AIX environments remain without risk.
Who Benefits from an AIX Roadmap Workshop?

The Recarta AIX Roadmap Workshop is undertaken by experienced, certified consultants who can help you identify the best approach to take for short and long term upgrades and migration. Our Roadmap Workshops ensure your AIX environments remain secure, compliant and optimised.

We’ll identify any ‘Out of Support’ environments that might represent a risk to the business. We’ll also establish a timeline of when all AIX platforms require upgrading or migration for their hardware environments.

What is a Recarta AIX Roadmap Workshop?

Total Visibility

Gain complete visibility of your entire hardware and software estate

Compliance Assurance

Identify your software & hardware licensing position

Cost & Efficiency Savings

Identify cost and efficiency savings

How does it work?

Our AIX Roadmap Workshop will look at every aspect of your IBM IT estate. Our team will look your inherited hardware, software, support contracts, licensing position and data base use. We’ll identify any potential performance risks as well as highlight where cost savings can be introduced. This unique evaluation service aims to give you total the best approach to take to ensure long term upgrades are carried out with cost efficiency and your business remains unaffected.

Arrange your AIX Roadmap Workshop