VMware Virtualisation Software

VMware Virtualisation Software

Recarta can offer VMware Virtualisation Software solutions for your IT infrastructure

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What Is VMware?

VMware is the industry’s leading and most reliable virtualization platform. Virtualising your IT environment using VMware Virtualisation Software allows you to reduce IT costs while improving the efficiency, utilisation and flexibility of your existing assets. vSphere simplifies IT by separating applications and operating systems (OSs) from the underlying hardware. Your existing applications see dedicated resources, but your servers can be managed as a pool of resources. The result is that your business runs on a simplified yet resilient IT environment.

Recarta IT & VMware

Our highly experienced Software team is accredited by VMware for Intel projects or PowerVM for Unix projects. Through our many years of experience we have identified the best ways to virtualise your environment and the best products for the best return of investment. Recarta can recommend and provide consultancy services to support your project- either with capacity planning, back-up or advising on application licensing on a virtualised server.

Recarta can offer the full range of VMware Virtualisation Software products, for detailed information & prices on all products please visit the appropriate page below:

VMware Virtualisation Products:

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Server Virtualisation

Desktop Virtualisation

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Please feel free to contact the Recarta Virtualisation Team for more information, support or quotations.


If you would like any further advice around VMware Virtualisation Software, Support and Licensing or VMware Certification Training contact our dedicated VMware licensing team on 0844 800 7821 or email us on sales@recarta.co.uk.




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