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Software Renewals with Recarta IT

  • Simplify the renewal process.
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs.
  • Consolidate renewal contracts and expiry dates.
  • Prompt notification of pending renewals.

We are passionate about reducing the headache of managing Software Licensing Renewals and Hardware Renewals for our customers. We have developed automated systems to help the renewal process and use renewals as an opportunity to renegotiate with vendors to lower the pricing for support/maintenance and additional licenses.

Recarta is a VMWare Professional Partner, Veeam Silver Partner, Citrix Silver Partner, and also a partner for Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec. In addition, we have experts around IBM Software Support and can sell and renew the full suite of IBM Applications - Tivoli, Lotus, Websphere, Rational, DB2 and Cognos.

Our aim is to help you simplify the renewal process, providing a dedicated and experienced renewals team to help you co-ordinate renewal administration and ensuring that you only pay the best price possible for what you use.

Reducing Renewal Costs

Our goal is to help you reduce your licensing renewal costs by negotiating the best possible renewal rates on your behalf. We use renewals as an opportunity to renegotiate with the vendors on behalf of our customers, in order to lower the renewal pricing for support/maintenance and any additional licenses required.

We have had great success in leveraging discount when timing the renewal to coincide with the vendor quarter or year end, and using our experience and vendor accreditations to maximum effect. Consolidation our contract and licensing specialists can make your current process more simple and easier by consolidating renewal contracts and expiry dates, reducing the number of contracts and in turn the ongoing administrative costs.

Timely Notification of Renewal Dates

Recarta will renew your software maintenance on time, providing you with excellent advance notification of pending renewals, which will assist your budgetary processes. This ensures no surprises, whilst ensuring that your renewal coverage does not lapse, and helps to avoid late renewal charges. Recarta’s overall goals are to reduce the costs and the administration around the renewals process. This will then give you more money to invest into more important areas of the business whilst releasing your time to more important matters.

Give our contracts and licensing team a call and you will soon find out why over 500 other businesses use our licensing services. Contact us on 0844 800 7821 or email

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IBM ServiceSuite is a direct contract between you and IBM and delivers fundamental support of hardware and software. Recarta IT can supply a ServiceSuite contract for all the below major IBM Platforms and when you require service assistance you contact IBM directly as normal but benefit from using Recarta IT as one of their preferred partners.

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