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In a move which aims to beat up Oracle and send HP dashing for cover, IBM started shipping it's lower end Power7 servers in the final quarter of 2010.  

Power7 systems can process more data than its predecessor the Power6 and deliver twice the performance and four times the virtualisation capabilities for the same price as the Power6 servers, all while consuming half the energy.

New POWER7™ processor-based systems represent a true leap forward to more intelligent systems that minimize complexity, automate processes, and reduce energy consumption, downtime and other operational costs. On a smarter planet these are the only benchmarks that matter.

POWER7 systems combined with IBM systems software, middleware and storage deliver unprecedented performance for both transactional and throughput computing.

Recarta has developed an expert team dedicated to Power p and Power i solutions. Our experience with AIX, i OS and their subsequent applications has made us the first choice for IBM UNIX design, supply and implementation.

Recarta IT is an IBM Premier Business Partner and an award winning provider of integrated IBM infrastructure and data management solutions. Our team of IBM Specialists can advise you with any IBM POWER7 queries.

Require Pricing for IBM POWER7 Systems?

Would you like some assistance purchasing IBM POWER7 Servers, Blades, Upgrades and Support. We can provide you with the following POWER7 Systems and advise you to reach the best solution for your needs:

IBM POWER7 Systems

IBM POWER7 710 Express Server
IBM POWER7 720 Server
IBM POWER7 730 Server
IBM POWER7 740 Server
IBM POWER7 750 Express Server
IBM POWER7 755 Server
IBM POWER7 770 Server
IBM POWER7 780 Server
IBM POWER7 775 Supercomputer
IBM POWER7 795 Server

IBM Power Systems Blades

IBM BladeCenter QS22
IBM BladeCenter JS12 Express Blade
IBM BladeCenter JS22 Express Blade
IBM BladeCenter JS23 & JS43 Express
IBM BladeCenter PS700, PS701 and PS702 Express
IBM BladeCenter PS703 and PS704 Express

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