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IBM Hardware Support & Maintenance HWMA with Recarta

  • Are you maximising your Hardware Support Budget?
  • Are you meeting your organisations SLA for Hardware downtime?
  • Are you sure your critical servers are protected when you need them most?
  • Are you paying for cover on Servers that are now obsolete?
  • Are you benefiting from payment discounts available for prepayment or extended term contracts?
These are just a few of the questions that can be addressed engaging Recarta’s expertise in your hardware support requirements.

Our aim is to help you simplify the renewal process, providing a dedicated and experienced renewals team to help you co-ordinate renewal administration and ensuring that you only pay the best price possible for what you use. We aim to create and manage your support contracts based solely on your business requirements and your current asset register. By undergoing our process of explore, analyse and implement. Recarta will be able to offer one or more of the following;

  • Consolidate your contracts on to a single, easy to manage contract.
  • Integrate hardware and software agreement with one service number when possible.
  • Offer varying levels of support for your enterprise, allowing you to only fully cover enterprise critical servers on a high level support and covering the other units on a more cost effective level
  • Offer “On Demand” support, giving the chance to alter the cover on key servers during peak critical periods such as month-end or Xmas.
  • Offer Multi-platform Cover to allow your organisation to cover all manufacturer components on one simple contract with added comfort of knowing you are being supported by one of the major maintenance providers.
  • Offer Flexible Payment offerings or prepayment discounts.
  • Offer “On Site Repair” offerings allow the client to hold key parts on site for immediate fix to your infrastructure. In some cases this can actually offer a cost saving over the standard contract and allow your business to get back on line immediately

This process can dramatically help operational teams and return the allocated budget of your IT department for use in critical project areas – we have examples where carrying out such an audit and carrying through the necessary changes have an average lower TCO of between 15 and 20%. When combining this solution with our Software Asset Management, you will have a comprehensive and easy-to-manage support agreement for your enterprise. 

We are also passionate about reducing the headache of managing hardware support renewals too! Again, we have developed automated systems to help the renewal process and use renewals as an opportunity to renegotiate with vendors to lower the pricing for support and maintenance.

Recarta is an IBM Premier Business Partner, and a Cisco Select Partner, allowing us access to the best rates and information on your IBM and Cisco equipment ongoing support.

Multivendor Support can be provided for IBM, but where this support is not possible for geographical or legacy reasons, we can offer third party support. We will ensure that you are only looked after by the best support network.

Reducing Renewal Costs

Our goal is to help you reduce your hardware maintenance renewal costs by negotiating the best possible renewal rates on behalf of our customers. We use renewals as an opportunity to renegotiate with vendors on behalf of our customers, in order to lower the renewal pricing for hardware support and maintenance.

We have had great success in leveraging discount when timing the renewal to coincide with the vendor quarter or year end, and using our experience and vendor accreditations to maximum effect.

Timely Notification of Renewal Dates

Recarta will renew your hardware maintenance on time, providing you with excellent advance notification of pending renewals, which will assist your budgetary processes. This ensures no surprises, whilst ensuring that your renewal coverage does not lapse, and helps to avoid late renewal charges.

Recarta’s overall goals are to reduce the costs and the administration around the renewals process. This will then give you more money to invest on more important areas of the business whilst releasing your time to more important matters.


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