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Working with ISV's to manage AIX, i/OS, High Availability & DR solutions.
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IBM Power & Licensing Experts


Recarta is an award winning IBM Premier Business Partner, providing customers with IBM Enterprise Solutions since 2005.

Our knowledge of IBM Infrastructure combined with the IBM Software Portfolio had enabled us to design, implement and manage a wide range of products, customers and sectors with enviable success.

"Recarta's success is down to trust. When you are contemplating new projects or technologies, you must have utmost confidence that your partner can deliver, with a keen eye on reduced cost, management and risk to the business."

Toby Harris
Sales Director


Recarta has been hosting clients since 2008 and we have expanded our services to grow with our client's desire for us to host their infrastructure and applications. From what was once a requirement for simple co-location, our team now provide remote management, hosted managed Power systems and target systems for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

Recarta works with the UK’s leading ISVs and provides a range of services to allow our clients to use their application without the worry of the underlying infrastructure – especially if the skills are specialised such as for IBM Power i and Power p Servers.

Recarta’s Software licensing services are rapidly growing and no wonder why. With our ability to understand your existing contracts – we consistently achieve the goal of saving you money as well as relieving the headache of license renewals.

Our licensing and support team can help manage licensing, compliance, software renewals as well as hardware and software support for our customers.

"In particular - many customers are struggling to manage their VMware, Red Hat, Citrix and Symantec renewals - our team has helped many clients by co-terminating contracts and assisting with their planning and budgets."

Kevin Longmore
IBM Contracts Manager

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